How to choose a solar panel for home?  

Installing a solar energy system at home is a smart financial investment. While purchasing a solar panel system for home, there are many different factors you should consider – the equipment that you choose for your system, your financing options all have an impact on your solar savings. Solar panels provide renewable energy for your home, which helps in improving the environment and reduces your electricity bill. Before you buy solar panels, research the different factors and decide which option is right for you. The material used to make solar panels and inverter as well as mounting play an important role in the economy and performance of the solar panel system.

This guide will help you evaluate the best solar panels and inverters available so that you can choose the value for money equipment for your home. let’s, take a look at factors you should remind during purchasing solar panel system.

1. Cost 

This is probably the first factor you should consider. Cost is determined by various variables like the power output, the physical size of the panel, the brand, the quality of material used, the durability and warranty period.

2. Quality

Different type of manufacturers produces a different type of panels in terms of quality, price, and efficiency. There are many manufacturers which have their own research and development team while many other manufacturers just assemble components. The manufacturers which have the R&D team definitely develop the quality product but they are very costly.  The manufacturers which assemble part can provide a cheap and good quality product.

3. Energy Efficiency 

This is how much light energy received by the panel is converted into electrical energy. The more efficient is the better option but it is also more expensive. It is not always the best choice, as you live in the area where sunlight is abundant you don’t need to buy high efficiency. If you live in an area where sunlight is not abundant then you should consider high-efficiency solar panels.

4. Durability

This factor is the confidence of manufacturers on their product. If the quality of the product is good, the manufacturer will provide you with a longer warranty. usually, solar panels have 25 years of warranty. If the manufacturer doesn’t provide a longer warranty, than the quality of their product must be not up to the mark. Beware of misleading by tempting price. You might regret it later.

5. Temperature coefficient  

This is the effect of heat which falls on the health of solar panels. Overheating of panel accelerates the ageing of solar panel, the lower the percentage per degree Celsius, the better.

6. Size 

Here size stands for both physical size and watts. The physical size of the panels depends on the quality and output of the panel. You should keep in mind to install enough big panels that can power all household appliances.

I hope this guide will help you out in choosing the right solar panel system. Thank you, Guys.



Benefits of Smart Dog Collar

For the pet owners, pets are part of the family and we always take the best care of them. Pets include all the pets small and big but in this article, we will be talking about dogs in particular. Dogs have been humans best friend for a long time and I really hope this never changes Looking at the increased number of dog pets that we see every day many companies have found options in it.

Our pets usually have a collar that keeps them under your influence while they are outdoor. Collar also is a fashion in one way or another but now there is more to it. Right now there are smart dog collars available in the market. These smart dog collars are everything you can ask for your dog as they have many different features. Let’s get into the benefits of smart collar you need to know about before you decide to purchase one.

Here are some benefits of having a smart dog collar:

  • Locator

With the smart collar on your pet dog, you can trace him any time without worrying about him getting lost. It’s normal for your pet to wander around when outside. Sometimes when you can’t find your dog anywhere you get stressed about it and it is really a bad feeling. By having a smart collar you can easily track your dog without even going around screaming the name or asking neighbors.

You can simply track your dog on the app by turning on the remote. You will be able to see your dog on the map itself and let it have the fun wandering around.

  • Track the activities

Sometimes even when you give your dog a proper diet they start gaining weight. This can happen due to lack of activities as your dog might be just sleeping all day. The smart collar tracks all the activities. You can keep a check on it to know if your dog is having sufficient physical activity while you are not around. This keeps your dog in good physical shape.

  • Sleep tracking

With the smart collar, you get the information about your sleep as well on how long they are sleeping. This feature is similar to the sleep trackers we get for ourselves. Now you can know when your dog is having a sleep is needs.

  • Know the dog’s comfort

You never know when your dog is actually uncomfortable many times. In different seasons you might assume that your dog is comfortable but sometimes they are not. While you have covered them with a blanket in winter they might still be cold or the blanket might be too warm. The smart collar will let you know when your dog is uncomfortable so you can help your dog.

That was all about smart dog collar for you and hopefully, you find it useful for you if there is a dog in your family.


How to Block a Phone Number on Your iPhone

With smartphones come a lot of useful features and some drawbacks as well. One of the most annoying thing that we have got with smartphones are spam and unwanted phone calls. These unwanted phone calls can be from any whereas like company, individual and spammers etc. Usually, we need a phone for a phone call it’s important that we don’t start getting irritated with this one thing. Spams and unwanted calls can be irritating to the extent that you might end up keeping your phone silent or switch off.

In smartphones, Android has many features to block numbers. On iPhones, it is not as easy as Android but there are ways to it. Many different methods will be discussed in this article to how you can block the spam and unwanted number on iPhones. For starters, you can start with this first method for iPhones to block an unwanted phone number. Follow the steps to block a phone number


  • Firs today all you need to unlock your iPhone and Go to the phone app and go to recent in it.
  • Scroll in the numbers to find the number you want to block. Tap the info or ‘i’ icon on it which will give you more options.
  • Find more options in it and Go down to the block option in it. Tap on the block option.
  • You need to Confirm the block for ending this method.

After you are done with this method you won’t get a call from the number. The caller will only get one ring and get an option to send voicemail. The voice mail will be received by you but you will not get any notification for the call of voice mail. The voice mail will be in your blocked section. This method will help you get rid of the number that you don’t need to be contacted by.

There are other methods to block numbers on iPhones but an older version of iOS is harder on it. For old iOS versions, you had to jailbreak for blocking numbers. For newer versions, you can use the under mentioned methods.

  • Download call blocking app

Many calls blocking apps are available for iPhones and you can easily use them to get rid of unwanted calls and spams. Paid apps are best suited for this as they give you more features. Choose any of the best rated and popular call blocking apps on your iPhone.

  • Do not disturb feature

A feature of do not disturb on iPhone that you have can be helpful as well. You can add the number to do not disturb list so you don’t get bothered by that number without actually blocking it.

  • Call trapping services

There are some call trapping apps that can also be used for this problem. These apps provide call trapping services to block the numbers from spams and the numbers you want to block.

  • Contact phone company

Your phone company can also help you with the problem of unwanted calls. For this, they provide paid option to block the spams and unwanted callers.


How to Change Mouse Settings

Computers and laptops are one of the common devices that are everywhere these days. Computers and laptops are still not just electronic devices but they are also personalized setup. For individuals, everyone prefers their computer differently in physical appearance and features as well. Depending on the primary use of the computer you will find everyone’s computer to be quite different from each other. In the different things that individuals keep customized, you will also see the mouse.

The mouse is just one of the hardware in computers but it a very important part of operating. For those who have fast reflexes and have a lot of work with the mouse, you will find it to be fast and sensitive. Whereas others keep it normal for keeping the functioning simple. If you use your computer for gaming you probably need a very sensitive mouse with faster speed than usual. Mouse settings allow you to make changes in all the properties of a mouse. You can change the speed of your mouse to be fast and slow according to what you prefer depending on your work. You can change the size and icon of your mouse’s pointer from one of the many different icon options are provided.

In this article, you will be provided with the step by step method to access the mouse settings to customize it easily.

Here is how you can change your mouse settings:


  • For the first step, you have to Turn on your PC and Open settings on your it.
  • Once you are in the setting different settings options are available. Go to devices option on the list.
  • Now all the connected devices and other options will be available on your screen. Select the mouse to enter the mouse settings.
  • In the mouse settings for starters, you can change your primary button to be left or right on your mouse.
  • More options will be available to change the scrolling to be lines at a time or one screen at a time. More option to Select the number of lines to scroll are also visible here.
  • For more options go for the additional mouse settings which let you change mouse properties. A box will open on your screen.
  • In the box, there are different options and one of them is Buttons option. To change the primary button.
  • Next option in this box is of Pointer customization. You can change pointers icon and it’s shadows.
  • Another option is the Pointer option to change the pointer speed and visibility etc.

These are the steps you need to follow to access the mouse properties on your computer. You can customize your mouse’s functions and display of its a pointer as well. Now you can keep the mouse perfect for your work to get optimum performance. The steps are simple and you can do it yourself without any assistance.

Customize your mouse now and thank you for reading stay tuned for more useful articles.


Everything You Need to Know About Factory Reset Protection

Through this article, we will let you know everything there is to know about the Factory Reset Protection, which keeps your data protected in case your phone gets stolen or lost.

FRP or Factory Reset Protection is a security software designed to protect your data in case your phone is lost or stolen. With this, nobody can wipe out your data and reset your phone.

Samsung frp bypass

Speaking of Android Lollipop first, the Factory Reset Protection in Vanilla Android is “Standard” and many mobile companies have implemented it in their own models. When you have this, it makes it less appealing for the thieves to steal your phone because it becomes harder to use your phone. However, it becomes a problem if you give your phone away or sell it without factory resetting your device. We have explained below how it becomes a problem for you.

To factory reset your device, you need to make sure that you have signed in with the “owner account”, the which which you used to set it up. This means that for another person to factory reset your device, you have to be signed in to the device. Most random workarounds are available on the internet but the problem with that is they get patched easily once they have been discovered. Thus, you need to know the details of the account which was last logged in, in order to use your phone before resetting it and creating a new account.

What is Factory Reset Protection?

It is pretty easy to disable the Factory Reset Protection. It is automatically disabled on most of the phones when you decide to do it by going to the phone’s settings. However, sometimes there is an additional layer of protection which is built by the company who developed the device. In that case, the person has to manually disable the factory reset protection first.

There are a few devices which still require you to do a bit of manual work. Mostly, it occurs in Android 5.1.1 and because of that, you might have to manually remove the accounts which have already been signed in to your device. Follow the following instructions to do so:

  1. The first step is to open the settings of your device and remove the security which you have for the lock screen. Not every phone requires this step to be followed, but a few phones do and because of that, we have included this step.
  2. After that is done, remove all the Google Accounts which you have on the phone or tablet, whatever you are using. After that, you will see an option caller “Labeled Accounts”, select an account and then click on remove or delete option. You might find the option of deleting or removing on the top corner of your screen, behind the three dots.
  3. Once all the accounts have been been erased, you can easily reset all your device by going to the device settings.
  4. For phones running on Android 6 Marshmallow and above, you will not come across any problems if you choose to reset your phone by going on the device settings. By doing that, your phone will automatically remove the accounts in such a way that your phone is free from FRP.

To make sure that you have successfully removed the reset protection from your device, you can try to sign in again once you have reset your phone. If you are asked to enter your old username, that means your FRP is still enabled. However, if you are not asked to enter your old username, you are good to enter a new username and password.

If you have given your phone away without removing the FRP, then you will have only two options to get it removed. You can either give them the password of your Google account or you can make sure they return you the phone for some time and then you can turn off FRP on your device.

You must not give your Google password to someone unless you are on the phone with them or you are around them. Once you give them the password, make sure to verify that this worked and are able to proceed further. Once done, immediately change your Google password and other platforms which use the same password, for your security.

Another thing which you need to make sure is that you must not delete or erase the Google account from another phone for at least 72 hours after you have done this. You might get locked out of your account if you try this and then, you will have to speak to the Google Customer Care to resolve the issue which you’d be facing.


Factory Reset Protection is a good way to protect your precision data in case your phone is lost or stolen. However, enabling this does not mean that your phone will never be stolen. There are still chances of your phone getting stolen. Enabling Factory Reset Protection only makes sure that your data is safe in case of a mishap.