Which Microsoft surface should I buy?

In 2012 when Microsoft launched surface brand, people loved the innovation so much. But the software was a big problem, as it doesn’t work flow-lessly with those devices. But, now the software and devices are much upgraded. There are a wide range of surface devices. If you are thinking to purchase a surface product, you must be confused which one to buy. Here I comes to solve your problems. I will discuss about all the devices and you decide yourself which one to buy according to your need. Let’s get started.
1. Surface Go (Best for students and modest users)
The most affordable and smallest member of this lineup. It is smaller and significantly cheaper then the pro. If you are a minimal user, you must go for Surface Go. It’s Surface Pen is excellent for notes taking. It is loaded with Pentium 4351Y chipset with 8gb ram and 128gb SSD. It costs only 399$. Remember typing pad and pen is not included in the package. You have to purchase them separately.
2. Surface pro 6 (Best for mainstream users and designers)
One of the most affordable and lightweight laptop available on Surface lineup. It is the best 2 in 1 laptop ever. If you are a designer or you have to do office work, this laptop is best choice. It is loaded with 8th generation intel i5 processor with 8gb ram and 258gb SSD. Other specs are 12.3 inch high resolution display, USB-A port, magnetic charging port and micro SD slot for expending storage. It costs only 1199$.
3. Surface laptop 2 (Best for students, writers and business users)
It isn’t a transformable device for which this lineup is famous. It is a laptop not tablet. But, it is a notebook killer laptop. It is loaded with 8th generation intel i5 and i7 CPU with 8gb ram and 256gb SSD. It features 13.5 inches high resolution display, a lovely keyboard, and a stellar glass track pad. It looks gorgeous and well built. It’s price range start from 999$ and goes up to 1299$.
4. Surface book 2 (Best for power users)
It is the most powerful device of surface lineup. It is convertible, that means it can be used as both tablet and laptop. It also comes with GPU variants. It also provide longest battery life of up to 12 hours. It is loaded with 6th gen intel i7 CPU with 16gb ram and 256gb SSD. It is available in two display size variant 13.5 inches and 15.6 inches. It have a gorgeous display, silky smooth track pad and backlit keypad. Its price varies with GPU variants. Starting with 1499$ with integrated intel Iris GPU, 1899$ with low end GPU and 2399$ with NVidia 965m chipset.
Here is the list and specs of all Surface devices. I hope my explanation will help you in choosing your desired device. Thank you so much friends. Please comment down your queries in the comments box.

How to Remove Shortcut Virus from USB Drives & PC

The uses of PC are uncountable and we all have known it for years now. For many people, the computer is very important due to the dependence of work on it. You all can’t compromise with your computer’s data and safety and it makes sense but there is always a chance of you coming through some trouble. It’s a trouble to have a virus on your PC due to the risks it comes with. Viruses can cause data loss and slow down your computer to the level where it’s not functional. Everyone tries their best to avoid such cases and have software to keep track of viruses and keep data safe. Antiviruses have been used by the majority of PC users and it’s a good thing but you are always vulnerable to them. For normal conditions, you can remove the virus but sometimes it’s not just the simple deleting. Viruses can cause you trouble for storage like drives and external hard disk. We are going to talk about the shortcut virus that has been causing a lot of trouble these days. The virus spreads with the internet and can be on your PC as well in the form of shortcuts. This will be in the form of some files that came from drives but are a shortcut and on opening won’t open and cause an error.

All the viruses are problematic and can cause a lot of data loss. Viruses are mostly responsible for data loss and corruption of your files. It might be troublesome but you can fix this shortcut virus easily just with the right instructions. Here are the simple instructions to delete the shortcut virus:

Follow the simple steps to delete the shortcut virus from your PC or USB drives.

  • Turn on your PC and hit the start button for the first step. Now make a search for cmd. It will show on the start now. Hit the right mouse button and run it as admin.

  • Now you have to go for the flash drive that can be done by entering its words or letters. To do so you can go to my computer and search for the word.

  • Enter the words “ del*.lnk” in your cmd window. Type the right text and tap the enter.

  • This step involves the main command you can’t mess. Enter in “ attrib -sr -h *.*/s /d /l” and press enter on the keyboard.

Within some seconds you can recover the data you want to recover.

The commands are important and you can’t mess with them. If this command gets messed or you misspell them or anything like that you might get into more trouble. So make sure this is accurate and you follow the steps correctly.

That was all for the simple method to delete the shortcut virus from USB drives and PC. If you liked it and felt helped do support us and visit again for more useful articles.

How to Prevent Your Bitcoins from Being Hacked or Stolen

If you have been in contact with the international trading and currencies you probably know about the cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is the digital currency that is widely used these days for large transitions internationally. The most widely known and used cryptocurrency for now is bitcoins. Last year was a major time when people grew to know about it due to the money it contains in a single coin. A single bitcoin is worth thousands of dollars but it’s not as easy to get it and maintain it as it seems. Your bitcoins are worth a lot of money and it’s important you know that cybercrime has increased and people are out there trying to steal your bitcoins.

Here is how you can prevent your bitcoins from getting hacked or stealing:

  • Keep your device secured

For preventing any hacking or stealing of your bitcoins first you have to secure your personal device. The device you are using for the transition of cryptocurrency and things related to it needs to have protection against the threats and malware’s you can get from.internet.

To keep your device secured you can download and install a trusted antivirus to keep it safe. Other things you can do are making your wallet secret and pit extra security to it using the multi-factor authentication. Encryption is also a very reliable way of keeping your cryptocurrency safe from hackers. Try taking regular backups or important data of your drives with good encryption.

  • Protect the private keys

The private key is a very important part of the cryptocurrency and your wallet is unlocked using this key. It is a place 256-bit number that gives you access to your wallet. You cannot use your bitcoins without the private key of yours and if it is available to anyone else they can steal all your bitcoins easily.

To keep your private keys protected you have to make sure there is the right amount of protection be it multilayered. Get yourself some strong password and codes on your device along with two-factor authentication. This is important as the private key is usually not available anywhere online and remains to you.

  • Right exchanges

There are two types of cryptocurrency exchanges and you need to understand how they can affect you. The centralized and decentralized exchanges of cryptocurrency it is. One is safer than others for different reasons and it is suggested to use decentralized exchanges for keeping yourself away from any leaking of your private key in case of hacking. Centralized exchanges make you more vulnerable to hackers as your private key can be compromised if the centralized gets hacked.

The article ends here and now you must have a good idea that you have to take steps to protect your bitcoins. Thanks for reading and do visit us again for more useful articles.

How to choose a solar panel for home?  

Installing a solar energy system at home is a smart financial investment. While purchasing a solar panel system for home, there are many different factors you should consider – the equipment that you choose for your system, your financing options all have an impact on your solar savings. Solar panels provide renewable energy for your home, which helps in improving the environment and reduces your electricity bill. Before you buy solar panels, research the different factors and decide which option is right for you. The material used to make solar panels and inverter as well as mounting play an important role in the economy and performance of the solar panel system.

This guide will help you evaluate the best solar panels and inverters available so that you can choose the value for money equipment for your home. let’s, take a look at factors you should remind during purchasing solar panel system.

1. Cost 

This is probably the first factor you should consider. Cost is determined by various variables like the power output, the physical size of the panel, the brand, the quality of material used, the durability and warranty period.

2. Quality

Different type of manufacturers produces a different type of panels in terms of quality, price, and efficiency. There are many manufacturers which have their own research and development team while many other manufacturers just assemble components. The manufacturers which have the R&D team definitely develop the quality product but they are very costly.  The manufacturers which assemble part can provide a cheap and good quality product.

3. Energy Efficiency 

This is how much light energy received by the panel is converted into electrical energy. The more efficient is the better option but it is also more expensive. It is not always the best choice, as you live in the area where sunlight is abundant you don’t need to buy high efficiency. If you live in an area where sunlight is not abundant then you should consider high-efficiency solar panels.

4. Durability

This factor is the confidence of manufacturers on their product. If the quality of the product is good, the manufacturer will provide you with a longer warranty. usually, solar panels have 25 years of warranty. If the manufacturer doesn’t provide a longer warranty, than the quality of their product must be not up to the mark. Beware of misleading by tempting price. You might regret it later.

5. Temperature coefficient  

This is the effect of heat which falls on the health of solar panels. Overheating of panel accelerates the ageing of solar panel, the lower the percentage per degree Celsius, the better.

6. Size 

Here size stands for both physical size and watts. The physical size of the panels depends on the quality and output of the panel. You should keep in mind to install enough big panels that can power all household appliances.

I hope this guide will help you out in choosing the right solar panel system. Thank you, Guys.



How to Block a Phone Number on Your iPhone

With smartphones come a lot of useful features and some drawbacks as well. One of the most annoying thing that we have got with smartphones are spam and unwanted phone calls. These unwanted phone calls can be from any whereas like company, individual and spammers etc. Usually, we need a phone for a phone call it’s important that we don’t start getting irritated with this one thing. Spams and unwanted calls can be irritating to the extent that you might end up keeping your phone silent or switch off.

In smartphones, Android has many features to block numbers. On iPhones, it is not as easy as Android but there are ways to it. Many different methods will be discussed in this article to how you can block the spam and unwanted number on iPhones. For starters, you can start with this first method for iPhones to block an unwanted phone number. Follow the steps to block a phone number


  • Firs today all you need to unlock your iPhone and Go to the phone app and go to recent in it.
  • Scroll in the numbers to find the number you want to block. Tap the info or ‘i’ icon on it which will give you more options.
  • Find more options in it and Go down to the block option in it. Tap on the block option.
  • You need to Confirm the block for ending this method.

After you are done with this method you won’t get a call from the number. The caller will only get one ring and get an option to send voicemail. The voice mail will be received by you but you will not get any notification for the call of voice mail. The voice mail will be in your blocked section. This method will help you get rid of the number that you don’t need to be contacted by.

There are other methods to block numbers on iPhones but an older version of iOS is harder on it. For old iOS versions, you had to jailbreak for blocking numbers. For newer versions, you can use the under mentioned methods.

  • Download call blocking app

Many calls blocking apps are available for iPhones and you can easily use them to get rid of unwanted calls and spams. Paid apps are best suited for this as they give you more features. Choose any of the best rated and popular call blocking apps on your iPhone.

  • Do not disturb feature

A feature of do not disturb on iPhone that you have can be helpful as well. You can add the number to do not disturb list so you don’t get bothered by that number without actually blocking it.

  • Call trapping services

There are some call trapping apps that can also be used for this problem. These apps provide call trapping services to block the numbers from spams and the numbers you want to block.

  • Contact phone company

Your phone company can also help you with the problem of unwanted calls. For this, they provide paid option to block the spams and unwanted callers.