How to Block a Phone Number on Your iPhone

With smartphones come a lot of useful features and some drawbacks as well. One of the most annoying thing that we have got with smartphones are spam and unwanted phone calls. These unwanted phone calls can be from any whereas like company, individual and spammers etc. Usually, we need a phone for a phone call it’s important that we don’t start getting irritated with this one thing. Spams and unwanted calls can be irritating to the extent that you might end up keeping your phone silent or switch off.

In smartphones, Android has many features to block numbers. On iPhones, it is not as easy as Android but there are ways to it. Many different methods will be discussed in this article to how you can block the spam and unwanted number on iPhones. For starters, you can start with this first method for iPhones to block an unwanted phone number. Follow the steps to block a phone number


  • Firs today all you need to unlock your iPhone and Go to the phone app and go to recent in it.
  • Scroll in the numbers to find the number you want to block. Tap the info or ‘i’ icon on it which will give you more options.
  • Find more options in it and Go down to the block option in it. Tap on the block option.
  • You need to Confirm the block for ending this method.

After you are done with this method you won’t get a call from the number. The caller will only get one ring and get an option to send voicemail. The voice mail will be received by you but you will not get any notification for the call of voice mail. The voice mail will be in your blocked section. This method will help you get rid of the number that you don’t need to be contacted by.

There are other methods to block numbers on iPhones but an older version of iOS is harder on it. For old iOS versions, you had to jailbreak for blocking numbers. For newer versions, you can use the under mentioned methods.

  • Download call blocking app

Many calls blocking apps are available for iPhones and you can easily use them to get rid of unwanted calls and spams. Paid apps are best suited for this as they give you more features. Choose any of the best rated and popular call blocking apps on your iPhone.

  • Do not disturb feature

A feature of do not disturb on iPhone that you have can be helpful as well. You can add the number to do not disturb list so you don’t get bothered by that number without actually blocking it.

  • Call trapping services

There are some call trapping apps that can also be used for this problem. These apps provide call trapping services to block the numbers from spams and the numbers you want to block.

  • Contact phone company

Your phone company can also help you with the problem of unwanted calls. For this, they provide paid option to block the spams and unwanted callers.


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