How to Change Mouse Settings

Computers and laptops are one of the common devices that are everywhere these days. Computers and laptops are still not just electronic devices but they are also personalized setup. For individuals, everyone prefers their computer differently in physical appearance and features as well. Depending on the primary use of the computer you will find everyone’s computer to be quite different from each other. In the different things that individuals keep customized, you will also see the mouse.

The mouse is just one of the hardware in computers but it a very important part of operating. For those who have fast reflexes and have a lot of work with the mouse, you will find it to be fast and sensitive. Whereas others keep it normal for keeping the functioning simple. If you use your computer for gaming you probably need a very sensitive mouse with faster speed than usual. Mouse settings allow you to make changes in all the properties of a mouse. You can change the speed of your mouse to be fast and slow according to what you prefer depending on your work. You can change the size and icon of your mouse’s pointer from one of the many different icon options are provided.

In this article, you will be provided with the step by step method to access the mouse settings to customize it easily.

Here is how you can change your mouse settings:


  • For the first step, you have to Turn on your PC and Open settings on your it.
  • Once you are in the setting different settings options are available. Go to devices option on the list.
  • Now all the connected devices and other options will be available on your screen. Select the mouse to enter the mouse settings.
  • In the mouse settings for starters, you can change your primary button to be left or right on your mouse.
  • More options will be available to change the scrolling to be lines at a time or one screen at a time. More option to Select the number of lines to scroll are also visible here.
  • For more options go for the additional mouse settings which let you change mouse properties. A box will open on your screen.
  • In the box, there are different options and one of them is Buttons option. To change the primary button.
  • Next option in this box is of Pointer customization. You can change pointers icon and it’s shadows.
  • Another option is the Pointer option to change the pointer speed and visibility etc.

These are the steps you need to follow to access the mouse properties on your computer. You can customize your mouse’s functions and display of its a pointer as well. Now you can keep the mouse perfect for your work to get optimum performance. The steps are simple and you can do it yourself without any assistance.

Customize your mouse now and thank you for reading stay tuned for more useful articles.


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