How to Remove Shortcut Virus from USB Drives & PC

The uses of PC are uncountable and we all have known it for years now. For many people, the computer is very important due to the dependence of work on it. You all can’t compromise with your computer’s data and safety and it makes sense but there is always a chance of you coming through some trouble. It’s a trouble to have a virus on your PC due to the risks it comes with. Viruses can cause data loss and slow down your computer to the level where it’s not functional. Everyone tries their best to avoid such cases and have software to keep track of viruses and keep data safe. Antiviruses have been used by the majority of PC users and it’s a good thing but you are always vulnerable to them. For normal conditions, you can remove the virus but sometimes it’s not just the simple deleting. Viruses can cause you trouble for storage like drives and external hard disk. We are going to talk about the shortcut virus that has been causing a lot of trouble these days. The virus spreads with the internet and can be on your PC as well in the form of shortcuts. This will be in the form of some files that came from drives but are a shortcut and on opening won’t open and cause an error.

All the viruses are problematic and can cause a lot of data loss. Viruses are mostly responsible for data loss and corruption of your files. It might be troublesome but you can fix this shortcut virus easily just with the right instructions. Here are the simple instructions to delete the shortcut virus:

Follow the simple steps to delete the shortcut virus from your PC or USB drives.

  • Turn on your PC and hit the start button for the first step. Now make a search for cmd. It will show on the start now. Hit the right mouse button and run it as admin.

  • Now you have to go for the flash drive that can be done by entering its words or letters. To do so you can go to my computer and search for the word.

  • Enter the words “ del*.lnk” in your cmd window. Type the right text and tap the enter.

  • This step involves the main command you can’t mess. Enter in “ attrib -sr -h *.*/s /d /l” and press enter on the keyboard.

Within some seconds you can recover the data you want to recover.

The commands are important and you can’t mess with them. If this command gets messed or you misspell them or anything like that you might get into more trouble. So make sure this is accurate and you follow the steps correctly.

That was all for the simple method to delete the shortcut virus from USB drives and PC. If you liked it and felt helped do support us and visit again for more useful articles.

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