How to Reset Google Home, Mini or Max

While our lives have been getting more into the technology there have been more and more new gadgets that keep coming up. Google has some smart gadgets that have been popular among geeks and people with a busy schedule. These days it’s hard to keep up with the busy schedules and all the plans that we come up with. Not everyone can have the luxury to have a personal assistant that keeps track of the whole routine and planning. Well, the solution was provided a long time ago with the personal assistants like Siri and Google assistant.

Smart home devices by  Google include Google home, mini or Max that are speakers with features. Features include google assistant that can play any song for you, make your notes, set alarms and many more. It includes other features as well as making searches and playing games. Google home mini and max both can be used for indoor as well as outdoor uses for picnics and parties. Group gathering can be fun with games you can command it to start just with the voice command. All the functions work with voice command and it is active all the time so whatever you command any time it will be taken on by Google home mini or max.

While these are very useful and multi-featured sometimes you even have to have to reset them if you face issues. Issues can be anything as you might be moving or giving it to someone so you will have to reset it. The method of formatting these two Google devices is very easy and we are going to tell you how to do it. Here is how you can reset the Google home mini or max:

  • Google home mini

  1. Get your google home mini and look for the FDR button that is separate on this device. You can find the button at the lower or bottom side of this device. A circle like a button easily noticeable under the power article on your device is the FDR button.

  2. Now you have to press this FDR button doe few seconds around 10-15 second. This will initiate the resetting of your Google home mini device.

  3. Now the assistant will say something that will confirm the device is resetting.

  4. Now your device is reset.

  • Google home max

Its the same for Google home max as well just by long pressing the FDR button. You will have to press the FDR button for 10-15 second for resetting the device. The position of FDR button is on the right side to the power plug. The same process of confirmation by assistant will happen in this.

That was for both the Google device resetting with on trouble. Hopefully, it was a simple enough method and you were helped by the article. Thank you for reading and do like and comment if you like the article or find it useful.

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