How to Use Google’s Star Wars AR Stickers

Smartphones are the basic device we all use in everyday life and each day something new comes up for us. Most of the popular features usually include bringing different things together and easily accessible on phones. More and more features keep coming with the new Android versions and these features are more fun than the old ones. The latest feature that Google came up within the Android version 8.1 Oreo was augmented reality feature of AR stickers. In this article, we are going to talk mainly about the popular star wars AR stickers that can be used on Google’s device Oreo and above. These AR stickers are similar to the filters we get on camera apps the difference is that these are more fun. It’s more fun due to the more accessibility as you can move them anywhere and resize them while you can turn them around and much more.

The feature is limited to some devices and can’t be accessed on a lot of Android devices. There are hardware requirements that need to be fulfilled before you can use the AR stickers. Some of the downloads need to be done before you can access the AR stickers of star wars by Google. These stickers interact with each other and you will feel like they are actually close to you for real. This is quite some time killer as you can Add them in pics and videos as well.

  • For the first step, you will need to make some downloads for the apps we need. Download newest version of ARCore and AR stickers from the Google play store. If you already have it just download the latest updates. After downloading both these apps you probably should be able to see AR stickers option on your device’s camera’s menu.

  • Now that you have both the apps installed and working you can launch the camera. You will need to let your camera have some data on space around you. Once you have made some camera usage around you can now start with the stickers by dragging them to your camera screen. Other features of resizing and moving or flipping are easy to use.

  • For the star wars AR stickers you get to highlight with some of the vehicles you might be familiar with including X wings and AT-ATs.

AR stickers are easy to use and you can try other AR stickers too as you get many stickers from different Netflix series and not just the star wars. Once you have followed the steps right you will be able to use the Google’s star wars AR stickers on your device.

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