Samsung Bypass Google Verify APK Download (Complete Guide)

In this post, we will discuss Samsung Bypass Google Verify APK Protection. We will show you how to bypass Samsung Google Factory Reset FRP Verification.

You may be familiar with the Factory reset option as it is featured on almost all phones. There is a similar security feature called “Factory reset protection” that comes with most Android devices. Google introduced this feature to make Android smartphones more secure.

For instance, you lost your phone somewhere and now someone else got their hands on it. If they try to factory reset it, then when they restart the phone, the phone will require them to add the Google Account and Password it had before the factory reset took place. If they don’t know what the Google Account and Password is then they won’t get the access to the phone thus protecting your phone and identity.

But what if you did a Factory reset and forgot the password? You will not be able to access your device. If you are in a situation like this right now then you need not worry. We have the solution to this problem and here is what you can do to get rid of this problem.

Download Samsung Bypass Google Verify APK

As we said, it could be a major problem if you factory reset your phone and then forget the password. Seeing many people face this problem, we thought of addressing this issue. The procedure that we have provided only works for Samsung devices. If you have a device other than a Samsung device then it is unlikely for the procedure to work.

Samsung Bypass Google Verify APK

Before you get started with the procedure, you need a PC, a USB drive, and an OTG cable. Here is the full procedure to download Samsung Bypass Google Verify APK.

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  • The very first step is to download the Samsung Bypass Google Verify APK file. You need to download it on your PC.
  • When the download is done, copy the APK file to your USB or OTG drive.
  • Turn on your Samsung device and complete the first few steps of the setup wizard.
  • When you have followed the basic steps of the setup wizard, the Samsung Bypass Google Verify warning message will pop up and ask you to enter the previously used Google Account and Password.
  • Connect your device via the OTG cable. A file explorer will automatically open on your device now.
  • In the file explorer, navigate to the folder where you copy-pasted the APK file and then open that file.
  • If the ‘Unknown Sources” option is disabled then a warning will pop up that the installation of the app is blocked.
  • To solve this, go to “Settings” on the pop-up and enable “Unknown Sources” option.
  • Now, open the APK file again and install it. After the installation is done, open the app and it will directly take you to the “Settings” Menu.
  • In Settings, find the “Backup and Reset” option and then Factory Reset your device.

As soon as the factory reset is finished, turn on your Samsung device and the FRPBypass screen will no longer be there. You can now simply add a new Google Account or skip the step to add it later. That is how you Bypass the Factory Reset Protection on Samsung devices. The procedure was not that hard, right?

Samsung Bypass Google Verify APK – FAQ

samsung bypass apk

Is Samsung Bypass APK compatible with all Samsung Devices?

Yes, Samsung Bypass APK is compatible with the almost all Samsung Devices. You can try Samsung bypass APK on any low end, mid end or high-end Samsung device.  The app should work without any bugs or issues on your Samsung phone or tablet.

Does Samsung Bypass Google Verify APK work on any devices other than Samsung Devices?

You can try the app on any Android device as the app seems to be working on most of the major Android devices. If you don’t have a Samsung device and are unable to bypass FRP then you can still try this app.

How long would it take to bypass Factory reset protection with Samsung Bypass APK?

It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes if you follow the steps mentioned in our procedure carefully. The procedure isn’t hard to follow so make sure you do everything step by step to bypass Factory Reset Protection with Samsung Bypass Google Verify APK.

Anyway, this was the complete procedure and guide on Samsung Bypass Google Verify APK. As we said the procedure is not complicated and if you followed all the steps carefully, you will no longer face the problem. If you have any other queries or general questions on the FRP Bypass issue then visit FRP Bypass APK.